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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Save Your Story: What are you watching?

I admit it, I am addicted to TV. I love watching a good show. My list of favorites have gotten a lot longer this fall. I love watching then new fall shows and watching my old fav's come back. So I thought I would write down my current watch list.

Returning favs

  1. Once Upon a Time
  2. How I Met Your Mother
  3. Switched at Birth
  4. Bones
  5. The New Girl
  6. Parenthood
  7. Law and Order: SVU
  8. The Big Bang Theory
  9. Community
  10. The Office
  11. Glee
  12. Person of Interest
  13. Parks and Recreation
  14. Grim
  15. Supernatural
  16. Hart of Dixie
  17. Supernatural
  18. Suburgatory
  19. Sons of Guns
  20. Franklin and Bash (TNT summer series)
  21. Downton Abbey (if you know how to get series 3 before the US airing in January let me know)
  22. Doctor Who (We are working through past seasons now. We are in the middle of season 3)
New favs
  1. The Mob Doctor
  2. Guys With Kids
  3. Go On
  4. Elementary
WOW! That is a really long list. Kind of pathetic, but I am okay with it. Sadly I feel like I am missing some on this list. 

So now I want to know what you are watching right now. Do we have any shows in common? I wish I had this list from last year. It would be really interesting to see how my tastes have evolved over the years. I am going to try and remember to write this list next year too. As always I would love to see your list. I encourage you to link up in the comments. 

Thanks for joining me today. Tomorrow today will be the past, so start saving your story today.


{Rebecca} said...

We share some favorites. :)

Here's my list:

Kelsey Brown said...

Thanks for playing along Rebecca.

I forgot to mention Sherlock on my list. It is so Awesome!